Evolution 0.7v 04/07/2005 (c) Barry Hunter

Getting an API key
At this stage a key is required to be able trace use of the service.

If you wish to use this in a commercial application, then bear in mind I can offer no guarantees about availability. If however there is interest I will consider creating a commercial version, (maybe even with full postcodes).

The use of this service is now trottled, limted to between 50-100 requests an hour.

Please answer the following questions accurately to better gauge development of the service (I have to justify my time;-), falsifying data will mean a short lived key.
You should request a key for each function to make use of the API, obtaining a new key is quick!

Website Required - or if not for a website, make sure to mention use in the comments below
Estimated Weekly Use requests per week Required
Type of Use Required
Email Optional - if your app is causing problems to the service and I'm about to suspend your key you would like to know about it right? - will not be used for spam!
Direct URL to where will be used Optional
Name Required
Country Optional
Any comments you wish to add
Captcha 5+29=
By using this service you agree to:
  • Play fairly and access the service in a (safe and) responsible way.
  • If you want to make heavy use of the service, to contact me first as might be able to supply you with the underlying data to save hassle. (However you can download a CSV of SECTOR Postcodes (in 2005!) to Lat/Long on the next page)
  • Understand that this service is provided out of goodwill and could disappear at any point!
  • Treat all results from this service with due care, while I've checked it I haven't checked ALL possiblities and certainly haven't checked all the data.
  • The Key uniquely identifies your use of the Web Services. You agree that you will not disclose your Key to any other party. You should contact me immediately if you believe a third party may be using your Key. (a more flexible version may be introduced to allow it you be used in AJAX style applications)
  • That the use of your Key will be monitored and if is having a detrimental affect on the service could be suspended (I will endevor to contact you if done manually). The use of this service is now throttled, limted to between 50-100 requests an hour, so you might get a automatic temporally block.
  • While all positions converted are logged in the general weblog I will not make any use of the data other than to assess the coverage that the service is used (ie what countries etc)
  • Send me some money if you make loads of money using the features of this service.
  • Be kind to fellow man and woman.

* OK so a lawyer might say that the last two are not enforceable so you can ignore them. (at your own peril)

I Agree (Please Tick)