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Co-ordinates used in

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| US Zip | NAC or Univeral Address | IARU Locator | UTM | Approx |

Select the Location on a UK MapTo quickly access the Coordinate Convertor, paste or type a coordinate here:

<-- or just click for a popup map. This script accepts all of following formats: -

You can also use the Coordinate Entry Forms page to help enter a coordinate.

OSGB - National Grid Reference - NGR (eg TQ435646) BackToTop

Sometimes called Landranger Grid or LR Grid, based on the OSGB36 TRF, Airy 1830 ellipsoid datum and a Transverse Mercator map projection.

Irish Grid Refence (eg T454355) BackToTop

Easting and Northings (eg 234356, 545345) BackToTop

UK Postcode (eg RH17 2TT) BackToTop

Placename - Text Search (eg Stoke) BackToTop

Lat/Long (WGS84/OSGB36) - (eg N 52° 55.244 W 003° 58.438) BackToTop

UK Phone Dialing Code (eg 01248) BackToTop

OSGB Map Tile Reference (eg SP08SW86) BackToTop

NAC or Universal Address™ (eg GQH00 RSZZZ) BackToTop

NAC stands for Natural Area Coding™ System, also known as Universal Map Grid™ or Universal Address™ and is a compact system of representing a location anywhere in the world.

NAC, Natural Area Coding, Universal Map Grid and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc (Used under Licence)

US Zip Code (eg 35004) BackToTop

IARU Locator (eg IO34TN) (more & more & more) BackToTop

Also called the Maidenhead Locator System. or QTH locator system, used mostly by Radio Amaters, replaces QRA-Locator.

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator (eg 30U,302802,5869773) BackToTop

Approx - Single Number Representation of a Lat/Long (eg Approx 928542141)BackToTop

More information can be found at the CPAN page for the Perl Module used: Geo::Approx

More on these conversions

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