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Feature Finder - United Kingdom & Ireland (including Republic of Ireland)

Enter a Grid Reference into the box below, and this script will attempt to find webpages containing variations of that grid ref, no longer do you have to try each variation in the search box. This does NOT do a radial search (for that use the location search), will likely only find items at the location you specify.

This script isnt currently working on this server so using the form below will actully take you to TrigTools.

Grid Reference?: (try this on the location search GB Only)

You can enter TQ345245 or 123456,654321 type grid ref above or even Irish Grid Refs (M454665)!

Search Type:  
Don't search the Location Search Database

I only can run about 200 queries a day, so if you intend to make heavy use of this page then please consider getting your own Google API Key. This will allow you personally to run about 200 queries and not affect my quota. When you have a Key just paste it below.
Google API Key: (optional)

How this Script works

Very simply, it trys searching Google for variations of the Grid Reference you have entered and then corelates the results. Because of the number of combinations a automated script like this works well.

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