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KML Placemark Sorter

A-Z Sort is now available natively in Google Earth (6.1+)

If you have more than a few placemarks to sort, then you may prefer the KML Grouper page, as this now supports sorting, but will also read folders (but disgards the current structure), as well as creating a folder hierarchy.

Please select the placemark KML file you would like to sort, subject to the following restrictions*:

KML File:

Sort By:
Longitude (then Latitude)
Latitude (then Longitude)
Random (why? ... why not!)
As is (use with reverse below, to reverse current sorting)

Reverse Sort

* However with enough interest will consider lifting any of these restrictions, but might add output as KMZ to save bandwidth, but that will be transparent to you, the end user.

*** It works for me but your milage may vary! Use at your own risk, no garentee is offered. ***

This is only a stopgap solution until sorting (HOPEFULLY!) is added to the Google Earth Client.

(by the way only the page layout has been tidied up, in reponce to feedback, the functionality is the same).

Thanks to Terry_Pinnell for help finding problems, beyond what I got on my testing.

Support and help keep it free!

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