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Coordinate Entry Forms

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Simply use the appropriate form below for your coordinate type, each box shows an example which will disappear as soon as you click it.. You will then be taken to the coordinate converter where your location will be shown in a varierty of other coordinate types as well as a whole host of links to online maps, information resources and point of interest searches.

Great Britain - National Grid Reference [NGR] BackToTop

Landranger Grid: [this accepts 2,4,6,8 or 10 figure grid referernces, spaces optional]


Grid Reference:



Great Britain Landranger™ based Grid Reference



Sheet: : Reference:


Sheet: Easting: Northing:

OSGB-36 Easting and Northings

Easting: Northing:

OSGB Map Tile Reference

Map Tile Reference:


Mastermap Map Tile:

UK Postcode BackToTop


Placename - Text Search BackToTop


Irish Grid Reference BackToTop

Irish Grid:


Grid Reference:

Irish Grid Easting/Northing

Easting: Northing:

US Zip Code

US-Zip Code:

Flush Bracket Number - [FB or NPFB] BackToTop

Prefix:   _
  FB Number:
Partial matches  

Latitude/Longitude - (eg N 52° 55.244 W 003° 58.438) BackToTop

Lat: N
Deg: Min: Sec:
Long: E Deg: Min: Sec:
Datum: WGS84 - Normal for GPS units, and world wide coverage websites
OSGB36 - found on the margin of Ordnance Survey Maps

UK Phone Dialing Code BackToTop

Area Code:

NAC or Universal Address™ BackToTop


NAC, Natural Area Coding, Universal Map Grid and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc (Used under Licence)

IARU Locator BackToTop

Maidenhead Locator System:

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator BackToTop

Zone: Easting: Northing:

Approx - Single Number Representation of a Lat/Long BackToTop


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