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Place of Interest (POI) Search for Great Britain

You can use this page to link you directly to a number of Geographical Search Engines offering results for most of the Mainland Great Britain. (See also further afield)

1) Enter a GB Postcode, OS Grid Refernce or Placename:
      For Lat/Long (WGS 84 / OSGB 36), NAC, IARU Locator or Map Tile Reference, please see the coordinate convertor.

2) Select the type of feature/item you are looking for:

Map Features, such as Milestones, Follies, Caves and Motorway Junctions.
A Company or Business - such as a plumber or florist. Looking for:
Tourist Features - Choose:
Ordnance Survay Control Point Markers - Trigpoints, Benchmarks or Passive Stations
Websites mentioning the exact location above
Websites about features near the location mentioned - uses my own infrequently updated crawer
Companies near the location mentioned - uses a fairly old dataset
Online Maps of the above location
Link to Websites offering Searches for all of the above and more!

Or try the Geographical Search Engines Directory, for other possiblities

* I am in NO way affliated with any of the location search services linked to by this geographical portal - other than of course the ones by me!

Further Afield...

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