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Data Downloads

Support and help keep it free!

As many can probably appriciate (and has built up a huge data holding, I have basically made this available on an-hoc on-request basis, but it really is time I started to formalize it.

Unless otherwise noted these are made available under a Creative Commons by-sa 2.5 licence. In a nut shell use as you like, but credit and if you build upon the data then share that. (does not mean you have to share your whole app, just the data based upon this)

Note however with few exceptions these datasets are all downloaded (admitted they may have been converted and/or processed), so to can download them from the same place I did.

UK Sector Postcodes zipped CSV
The approximate center of each each sector postcode (the full postcode minus the last 2 letters, approx accuracy 2km), quoted in wgs84 lat/long.
Date Created: June 2005 Source Dataset: circa '95 Download Page*
*Due to the nature of the dataset I have to request you signup for a API key to download.
British Isles County Outlines and Centoids TXT files (inc. zipped)
Approximate outlines of counties* in the British Isles in simple text listing (e.g. for GSAK) in WGS84 Lat/Long pairs. Also includes CSV and XML for centoids.
Date Created: May 2005 Source Dataset: circa '94 Download Page
*GB : Ceramonial counties, NI: one polygon, RoI: counties
UK Placename gazetteer zipped mySQL script
The UK GNS Database, processed for ease of use. Stripped to the (IMHO) most interesting columns, reduced to only placenames with most duplicates removed. And GB eastings/northings and county columns added. See in action in the Paper Maps section.
At somepoint would like to try the same with the geonames database, let me know if interested.
Update: 2006-10-27, datafile updated as original was missing large towns/cities, just overwrite your old table!
Date Created: April 2006 Source Dataset: 2006-02-27 Download File
Static Gridlines for Google Earth KMZ files
Overlays the British National Grid and the Irish Grid on the Google Globe. I created a networklink that displays the grid as you move around the country, when zoomed out uses static layers (which are also slightly more visually pleasing) to save processing. So I make them available separately, Download the KMZ's below: (also viewable directly in Google Maps!)
Date Created: Jan 2006 Source Dataset: n/a Great Britain (inc 10k lines!) .
Ireland (inc 10k lines!)
World Country Bounding Boxes CSV file
List counties in the world, with their approximate bounding boxes in lat/long format. Manually ordered in such a way so as allow the last match to be the most likly (because it uses rectangles to represent countries, will never be perfect). IIRC sourced from a DEMIS demo application. See my post to Google Maps API group for an example use, or see in action at the coordinate converter.
Date Created: Mar 2005 Source Dataset: ?? Download File

Other datasets...

available on request.

Programs/Source Code

Coordinate Convertion Programs

If its pure Co-ordinate converstion you are after then see these programs: (mainly UK coordinates)

Other Sources of information

Download Websites

May as well use this page for some bookmarks to interesting downloads!

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