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Coord-Fly-To Google Earth on your Website

If like me, you are sometimes frustrated by the lack of coordinate support in the Google Earth fly-to box, then this is an attempt have a flexible input format using the power of the various conversions known to this site. TIP: point to a format type to get a tooltip example!

Currently understands GB and Ireland Grid References, GB Easting/Northing, UTM References, IARU Locators even UK Postcodes and US Zipcodes as it uses the Nearby API.

Copy and customise the following form:

or just link using the following format:,uk
*because it outputs KML directly visitors are not redirected away from your site.

If you enter a Decimal Lat/Long it will also work, other values that look like Lat/Long (or indeed NAC addresses) will be forwarded to the coordinate converter, which has a more flexible input format. On the resultant page should be a link to open in Google Earth!

Values not recognized will be left to Google Earth to geocode which should mean that text addresses or placename, country should work pretty much worldwide.

Google Earth and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google Inc. is not affiliated with Google.

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