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Datasets available for this search

Click the Code column for a coverage map for that dataset. See also: Overall Statistics

There are more datasets available on the Advanced Options Page

CodeName (and link)Local Cached CopyLast UpdatedGoogle Earth
Triangulation Pillars
TUKTrigpointingUK.comUpdated once a DayBars Layer
Special Google Earth FeaturesTrigpointingUK LogsBars
Wall Flush Brackets (Webscraper)Fri Jul 14Bars Layer
Passive Stations
PSDPassive Station DatabaseManual (Processing Required)Bars Layer
Fundamental Bench Marks
FBMFBM ListLive! Locally HostedBars Layer
BRHDatabase of British HillsManual (Download)Bars Layer
GUKUK Geocache DatabaseLive (Updated Once a Day)Bars
Special Google Earth FeaturesGeoCacheUK LogsBars
Photos (Download)Bars Layer
MILMilestonesWeb.comManual (Webscraper)Bars Layer
Ports (Offline Database)Mon Aug 1Bars Layer
LTHarlhs.comManual (Webscraper)Bars Layer
CASList by WizardManual (Processing Required)Wed Apr 20Bars Layer
Motorway Junctions
MWJMotorway JunctionsManual (Download)Bars Layer
FOLfollytowers.comManual (Offline Database)Bars Layer
HISMapperGBManual (Processing Required)Wed Apr 20Bars Layer
Megaliths (Download)Bars Layer
WWWalkingWorld.comManual (Download)Bars Layer
Fords (Processing Required)Fri Nov 25Bars Layer
Caves (Webscraper)Bars Layer
SLASlate MinesManual (Processing Required)Bars Layer
Radio Transmitters
RADBBC DatabaseManual (Webscraper)Bars Layer
Web Results
WEBWeb ResultsManualBars Layer

If a dataset is marked as manully updated and you think there is more uptodate data available then please let me know

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