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this page is part of GeographTools - Extensions to Geograph British Isles
Brought to you by GeographTools

Prototype Quick Geograph Image Finder (v.3)

Searches a local copy of 1,998,340 images,
latest image included from 2010-08-13 15:59:27
Start typing, then pause to display possible matches, keep adding keywords to refine the search. Click a image then Go to view the image at Geograph

Currently searches the title, description, category and photographer name fields

(try 'normal' search version - with thumbnails!)

· find locations in that gridsquare, hectad or myriad! stone wall sh65 or stone wall tq

· prefix a keyword with - to exclude that word from the match; example : stone wall -sh

· can use OR to match either/or keywords; example: bridge river OR canal

· start with ~ so that any word is matched; example: ~train railway track
· Only letters and numbers are understood, other charactors are ignored (except as noted below!).

· If you pause and get --not found--, you still might get results by fully specifing the words, as does not totally match part words.

· If you get too many results keep adding keywords to refine the results.

· This is a standard keyword search like most search engines, not the phrase based searching you might be used to on Geograph currently.

· Lastly; play around and see how it works out.
Searching powered by powered by Sphinx and MySQL

Client interface Powered by Yahoo YUI Library, including hosting the javascript.
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