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this page is part of GeographTools - Extensions to Geograph British Isles
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Prototype Quick Geograph Image Search (v.2)

Searches a local copy of 1,998,340 images,
latest image included from 2010-08-13 15:59:27

Free Text Search: (try auto-complete version)
There is no pageing of results, to get more results simply add more keywords to refine your search (view Cheatsheet)
Currently searches the title, description, category and photographer name fields

Creative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved] Images on this page © Copyright Geograph Contributors (see images for individual credits)
and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

· find locations in that gridsquare, hectad or myriad! stone wall sh65 or stone wall tq

· prefix a keyword with - to exclude that word from the match; example : stone wall -sh

· can use OR to match either/or keywords; example: bridge river OR canal

· start with ~ so that any word is matched; example: ~train railway track
Searching powered by powered by Sphinx and MySQL

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