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Location Search for Great Britain

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Triangulation Pillars  

Triangulation [6550]
Trigonomy - Yahoo Group [6546]
  Extinctions.xls (Trigonomy) [534]
  DatesBuilt.xls (Trigonomy) [591]
OSBM - MSN group [Live]
Chris n Maria's Trig Point List [6282]
Triangulation Pillar Waypoints [6557]
GRP's Landrangers List [7488]
Passive Station Database [224]
FB Listing [6510]
Wall Flush Brackets  

Wall Flush [10126]
OSBM - MSN group [Live]
NPFB_MSN.xls [1858]
2GL Transcription [3073]
FB Listing [462]

Passive Stations  
not reused FBM's and Pillars

Passive StationPassive Station Database [576]
FBM List [110] [541]
Fundamental Bench Marks  

Fundamental Bench MarkFBM List [199]
Passive Station Database [83] [200] [198]
2GL Transcription [212]

Tide Guages  

FBM List [130]
HillDatabase of British Hills [3319]
UK Hills Database [2490]
The Mountains of England and Wales [1113]

GeocacheUK Geocache Database [Live]

Photos [Live]
Milestones [1103] [240]

Ports [807]

Lighthouses [1114]
CastleList by Wizard [4609]

Motorway Junctions
Motorway JunctionMotorway Junctions [574]

Follys [280]

HistoricMapperGB [1026]

Megaliths [Live]
Megalithic Walks [365] [124]

Walks [1862]

Fords [1638]

Caves [1333]

MineSlate Mines [48]

Radio Transmitters
Radio TransmitterBBC Database [1453]
Web Results
Web Results [20974]
Experimental! But might find some interesting results... (Submit URL)
Include: Walk Gazetteer Munroes Marilyns Hewitts Mountain Others
Information about these databases (Popup Window)

For objects to cluster:
1. Must be the same type
2. GR's must be within m
Name or digits of FB must match
Flush Bracket must match ( inc prefix)
Names must match
Type only (not recommended)
No Clustering
GR (NOT on type)
All results
Best result from each cluster
Only mismatches in each cluster
Clusters results
Only results that cluster
Don't show full clusters (or just Highlight )
   Only Use the last option if SURE that a match
   should be found in EVERY db selected

  • The Inevitable Small Print:
  • An entry in this search does not signify that you have the right to access them, in fact many are on Private Land.
    If visiting you should seek permission from the landowner.
  • Take special care not to damage anything, so the site remains for the future enjoyment of others! (See Charter)
  • You shouldn't rely on these results for anything critical, use at your own risk!
  • I neither own or control the datasets above, only make them searchable.
  • There are many known errors in some datasets.
    If you spot one you should in the first instance contact the owner (see the link above), otherwise I might be able to help.
  • Please try to avoid making bulk downloads of this data, to avoid creating many 'versions' of the data. The copy I have can in some cases already be quite out of date! The data shouldn't be published or redistributed without permission.

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