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Note: if using this form to add altitude information to a KML file for plotting on Profile utility, then you will be pleased to know that the Draw a profile form, includes a 'Add SRTM elevation data', meaning you can upload your KML directly and it will add altitude for you! No need to use this page.

If you have plain text form data, or find this page too restrictive, then try this: Find Missing Elevations with

KML Altitude Filler (v2.1)

Please select the KML file you would like to add alitude for, subject to the following restrictions*:

KML File:

WebService to use: SRTM3 (Worldwide: SRTM data, 90m grid spacing) GTOPO30 (Worldwide: GTOPO30 data, 1km grid spacing) (US & Europe: SRTM data, 90m grid spacing) (Worldwide, various spacing)

'Zero' Altitude to replace:
(use if you have a constant alititude to replace)

Takens on average 2 seconds per point (deliberatly slowed down!), so please be patient, and only click the Send button once.

* However with enough interest will consider lifting any of these restrictions, but might add output as KMZ to save bandwidth, but that will be transparent to you, the end user.

*** It works for me but your mileage may vary! Use at your own risk, no guarantee is offered. ***

*** New! Download the (very simplistic) Source Code (Released under GPL) - lookup added thanks to Lowell Stewart!

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