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KML Placemark Grouper - BETA2.2 - added sorting

If you only after sorting, see also KML Sorter page.

... Takes a kml file full of placemarks, and organizes them into a folder tree structure, starting by continent and working down though country to state/county if possible...

For an example download the default Google 'Sightseeing' folder regrouped by this script.

All data is retrieved from the excellent webservices provided by In fact if you find strange results with the data from this page, then you can probably go and correct the data yourself!

Please select the placemark KML file you would like to sort, subject to the following restrictions*:

KML File:

Default (by Continent, Country and State/County if available)
Continent only (useful if only interested in the sorting)
Also group by nearest place, useful if your placemarks are closely grouped.

Sort the results (rather than use the order of the input file)

Include the common country name as opposed to full country. (eg Spain vs 'Kingdom of Spain')

Include the folder description, the type and alterative names, disable for a smaller file and more compact tree

- After clicking send please be patient can take a long time, there is no progress indication!

* However with enough interest will consider lifting any of these restrictions, but might add output as KMZ to save bandwidth, but that will be transparent to you, the end user.

*** It works for me but your milage may vary! Use at your own risk, no garentee is offered. ***

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